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Re: V4 #441-Green Smelly Water

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Aquatic-Plants-Owner at actwin_com writes:

> ner at actwin_com
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You are probably suffering  from a real bacterial invasion and possibly a 
fungus combination.  The sugar yeast solution  which was sucked into the tank 
via the DIY CO2-Filter accident contained enough nutrients to feed an army of 
bacteria, fungi, and who knows what else.  Bacteria can live on almost 
nothing.   In addition, the mixture may have changed the pH of your tank.  
You will probably need to either dilute through drastic water changes or 
change the water completly.   It is also likely that your fishes are 
suffering oxygen stress to some extent.  Not only is the sugar a powerful 
nutrient, but  disintegrating yeast cells in any yeast culture are a potent 
nutritional source.

Elmer Morehouse
Royal Oak, Mich.

Where our downtown nightlife is better than the best.