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Re: Pre-Filter Box

> I want use a spare 10-gallon tank as a plant filter for my 29-gal. Before I
> go about it, I need to get a pre-filter.  I searched the krib for a DIY

I assume you are looking for an overflow box?  If the 29g tank can be
drilled, you can do it without needing a box, just some simple PVC
pipes.    I would like to go that way with a pair of new 29g tanks I'm
setting up, but I've been told that they are made with glass that can't
be drilled easily.

> 1)  If (and this is a mighty big if) I were to buy the $70 prefilter, would
> I have to use a properly sized wet/dry drain hose (a vacuum hose for
> cleaning swimming pools)?  If so, then how would I control the flow rate

Not sure about the design of the overflow you are looking at, but in
most, the hose just has to be big enough to handle the output from
your pump.   It's ok if it's bigger.  Only the water in the tank that
is above the top of the internal overflow box will flow into the box,
then thru the syphon tubes, to the outside box, and down the hose.
It isn't suction, it's just water level and gravity.

> 2)  Can anyone point me to a site where I can get pre-filters for
> much less $$$$$$$$$$$$.  The most I am considering spending is $50.

I'm going to be building a couple small overflow boxes for my 
tanks, I might be able to build an additional one.   Email me
and we can discuss this.   

As for commercial overflows, I haven't seen any for less than $65.00
(for an Amiracle overflow box at ThatPetPlace.)

Chuck Gadd