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Pre-Filter Box

I want use a spare 10-gallon tank as a plant filter for my 29-gal. Before I 
go about it, I need to get a pre-filter.  I searched the krib for a DIY 
method of building it and saw a really neat design.  But, I don't have the 
tools (jig saw and clamps) to build it. I looked at the current Pet 
Wharehouse catalog and it annoys me to have to spend $70 for it. I have two 

1)  If (and this is a mighty big if) I were to buy the $70 prefilter, would 
I have to use a properly sized wet/dry drain hose (a vacuum hose for 
cleaning swimming pools)?  If so, then how would I control the flow rate 
since I haven't seen ball valves for those types of hoses? I don't want to 
create a whirlpool in my 29-gal!

2)  Can anyone point me to a site where I can get pre-filters for much less 
$$$$$$$$$$$$.  The most I am considering spending is $50.

Thanks for the advice everybody, I wouldn't have gotten this far without 

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