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Anubias correct I.D.'s

Paul Wrote CLIP:

"Anubias correct I.D.'s
> Hello everyone, this my first posting . My problem is correctly I.d. of
> Anubias I have . It seem the more books I look at the more confused I get
> .Every book I have call them by different names. Is there a source for the
> original description of this plants or a source that everybody go's by .
> Picture are hard to use for id , because every plant is slightly different
> A written description would make thing easier for me at
> least ! Hope you can help ! the books I  have are oriental aquarium,
> dennerle nature aquaristic,tropica aquarium plants,the complete guide to
> water plants by muhlberg ,aquarium plants by tepoot , aquarium plants by
> rataj, just to name a few. thanks for the help .Paul Hansen <*///><
> phansen at tampabay_rr.com ><))))*>


As you have already found out, IDing Anubias by using the hobby books is
difficult at best.  Cultivars are making this more difficult yet.  Karren
Randal had a pretty good article posted on the internet about different
types of Anubias.  If I had an address, I'd tell you, but I don't.  Most of
the info that I've seen, both internet and hobby books and magazines, leaves
the id open to interpretation.  Some folks say that you can tell by the
flower.  If you find info on the blooms, I'd like to hear about it.  I have
flowered several really different looking Anubias plants and I always get
peace lily looking blooms of different sizes.  Anubias plants will flower
submerged with the flower either in or out of the water.

There really isn't an easy answer as far as I know.

Good Luck,

Warren, MI
newellcr at yahoo_com

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