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First alge problem

This is my first attempt at a heavily planted aquarium. This 55 Gal SA 
biotope is about 1 month old and has some angels, neons, rams and 2 plecos, 
snails have begun to appear.  It has a magnum canister with bio wheel filter. 
 I use a DIY yeast CO2 generator which fills a Kare diffuser, which I 
supplement with a Kare aerosol can of CO2.  The substrate is fluorite with a 
little gravel. Modest fertilization once a week.  Illumination mostly comes 
from a north facing window and two 17 watt florescent lights on for 12 hrs. a 
day. The day before yesterday a growth of dark kinky threads, about 1/4" long 
sprouted on one of my swords.  It is not the very dark, thick straight stuff 
that looks like a brush that coats things.  Is this what is commonly called 
*hair alge*, or something else?  Are there any fish that like to dine on this 
stuff?  What other remedies can I try to get rid of this stuff without 
endangering the plants?