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Re: Removing Fish from Planted Tank

DT writes:

> How the heck do _you_ catch your fish in a heavily planted tank?

I remove the driftwood and put in a cople of small flower pots.  I drop a net 
in the water by each pot.  I chase the fish I am after with my hand until I 
either catch it in my hand, chase it into the pot, or get it to come to rest 
over one of the nets.  If it comes to rest over the net, I have to be quick, 
but I can snap the net up and bring the fish with it.  They don't seem tuned 
into the idea of preadators coming at them from the bottom.  I haven't tried 
it with rainbow, though.  If they hide in the pot, I put the net over the 
end, cover the bottom hole with my hand, and lift.

Bob Dixon
Cichlid Trader List Administrator