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Re: melting crypts w/GW

Marci writes:

> Have any of you had your cryptocoryne plants melt during a bout of green
>  water?
>  These are some really tough crypts I have.  They can be moved about,
>  even to a different tank, and never melt on me.  But a week of green
>  water, and they have melted to almost nothing.  As I sit here, I can
>  watch them disintegrate like time lapse photography.
>  I'm trying to figure if it was the week of nutrient deprivation, the
>  massive water changes, or something in the water supply that might have
>  caused the green water in the first place that is effecting them.  All
>  guesses.  Was just wondering if any one else has had their crypts melt
>  during GW "cure" tactics.

I have had crypts melt after 20% water changes, because the tap water in my 
area varies regularly.  C. wendtii are worse that C. blassii.  My blassii 
haven never melted for anything.  I haven't kept any others.  Wendtii have 
melted after I changed from TMG to Natural Gold.  Was that the cause?  I 
don't really know, but they definitely didn't like something about my tank 
that week.  Some species must have native water that is extremely stable.  
Others are relatively "hardy" under the variances within an aquarium from day 
to day.

Bob Dixon
Cichlid Trader List Administrator