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Re: Removing Fish from Planted Tank

    Hi D.T.,
    Here's the best way that I know of - it's worked for me so far:

    I prefer to leave the plants/driftwood in place- but maybe clear some 
easy to move plants or pieces.  I use two nets: one large green one, as wide 
or wider than the width of an open area of the tank; and the second- one of 
those very small ones (preferably white or bright colored)- the smaller the 
    Hold the green one still, with one side up near the front glass, and 
spanning across a pathway, and use the white one to steer them, one or more 
at a time, into it.  They'll be more worried about getting away from the 
moving white one.  Once you get them in or near the green one, just close it 
around them against the front glass, being very careful not to squish them 
between the net and the glass, and lift out.
    The smaller the small net is, the easier you can get it near the fish 
that are hiding, without messing up the setting.
    If you do everything calmly, and avoid jerky movements as much as 
possible, the fish won't get nearly as traumatized, and are less likely to be 
injured.  You can steer the fish pretty well without even getting the white 
net that close to them.

    The last time I tore down my tank, I took everything out before I caught 
the fish, and it was much worse that way, it seemed to me.  Without cover, 
the fish were all in a panic and banging themselves into the gravel and 
glass.  The other way, they all find a hiding place until you come after 
them, more or less.
    It takes time, but it's not nearly as bad as tearing up the whole tank.  
I don't know if this will work on every variety of fish.
    Somewhere in the archive, is a post describing how to catch very hard to 
catch fish- you can leave the net in the tank for a day or more until they 
get used to it, and then wait until you see the fish in it.  You can put food 
in the net also.  I've never had to try that method.
    Hope it helps,
    Zach K