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Re: Newbie's Progress (I knew this would happen!)

Chuck Glad wrote:

> The life cycle takes 12-16 days to complete.  having the fish out
> of the infected tank for just 7 days won't be effective.
The life cycle is 3-4 days at and above 70F, but a single life cycle is
risky, just 7 days marginal, 7-10 not bad at all, beyond 14 is a wide
margin of safety.

> Salt treatment alone is of questionable value in treating Ich.
> Salt eases the stress on the fish, but doesn't directly kill the
> Ich.

Salt is quite effective in killing the tomites, the only infectious
stage of the life cycle, at and above 1 teaspoon per gallon actual
volume.  It is not going to do the plants any good, so agree that a QT
tank would be good here.

I'm not convinced that NaCl is a stress reducer, it could be a stressor

> Some people also recommend increased water temps to kill
> ich.  All that does in increase the speed of the Ich life cycle.
Actually, if you increase the temp to 90F for a few hours every three
days, that alone will kill the parasites.  But IMHO this is much more
hazardous and more hassle than salt treatment.