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Hydrogen peroxide as BGA cleaner upper...

I have read several messages lately, about hydrogen peroxide having been
used to kill BGA.  My 3.5 gallon planted windowsill tank has a recurring
problem with a thick coating of what I believe to be BGA.  The only fish in
the tank are a pair of killies.  The main "inhabitants" are a few crypts and
a hygro.  I vacuum it off; it's very easy to remove, not really stuck on
like most other algae.  It comes off in sheets.  I do lots of water changes,
and it always comes back with a vengeance after a couple of days.  The
plants are continually being smothered by this icky stuff, and I thought I'd
try the hydrogen peroxide.

After reading about it on the Krib, the dosage for a tank with fish isn't
clear.  It seems that 2 ounces per 10 gal was used with no ill effects in a
planted tank, but can someone recommend a safe dose for a tank containing
fish?  Or would I be better off to temporarily remove the killies?