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Ready for Prime Time: The Easy Filter III

The EASY FILTER III is a modification of the easy II to allow you to use a
more narrow PVC filter sump. 
Goto: http://floridadriftwood.com/settingupanewaquarium.html 
This has advantages for smaller aquariums as well as allowing you to add
and remove filtration materials from the sump w/o interfering with piping
as is the case for the easy II. In addition, placing the Co2 line at the
impeller end of the powerhead instead of at the venturi, plus adding a
45-degree PVC joint to the end of the powerhead output greatly increases
its function as a partial Co2 diffuser. 

THe only disadvantage of the easy III is retrofit aquarium installation...
I've done it but its not so easy! :-) An easy retorfiter model will be
developed for the Easy Filter IV.  Comments and suggestions for improvement
are welcome.

Barly Straw Extract is 'ere! :-)