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Newbie ich

David L wrote:

This morning (3 days after introducing the fish), I
had coffee with a pair of tetras infected with Ich.
One has it worse than the other, but they are both
definitely infected.

And I answer:

Hi David.  I wouldn't bother with a hospital tank, increased salinity,
or any of that stuff.  Get some Quick Cure, made by Aquarium Products.
Its cheap, highly effective, and has never harmed a plant in any of my
tanks.  Ich is no big deal, when you get right on it.  Even in advanced
cases, its easy to cure, IME.  You are going to see ich on and off as
you introduce fish, unless you turn that hospital tank into a quarantine

There are lots of other medications for Ich, but some of them (Jungle)
contain a whollop of salt. Or copper.  In the course of 15 years fish
keeping,  I haven't found anything better than Quick Cure.