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Re: Newbie's Progress (I knew this would happen!)

> I'm going with Option #1--treatment with a 3 day, 3
> ppt salt concentration in a hospital tank, followed by
> a 4 day isolation period to break the parasites' life
> cycle.  It seems the safest for all involved.

The life cycle takes 12-16 days to complete.  having the fish out
of the infected tank for just 7 days won't be effective. 

Salt treatment alone is of questionable value in treating Ich.

Salt eases the stress on the fish, but doesn't directly kill the
Ich.  Some people also recommend increased water temps to kill
ich.  All that does in increase the speed of the Ich life cycle.

I've successfully used Quick-Cure in my heavily planted tanks,
with no problems.  My advice is to use malachite green/formalin
meds, at 1/2 strength every 2 to 3 days for a full two weeks.

Take a look at the page at TheKrib for a good explaination of
the Ich parasite.


Chuck Gadd