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Re: Ich

David fretted: 
> This morning (3 days after introducing the fish), I
> had coffee with a pair of tetras infected with Ich. 
> One has it worse than the other, but they are both
> definitely infected.  The molly is rather large (2-1/4
> inches) and does not appear to be infected. 

No need to go over-board, David. Get some Malachite green 
/formalin ich medicine and use at half strength (1drop/gal). It 
usually clears up ich in a week or less. Dose every other day, or 
daily. At the end of the week do some 25-40% water changes to 
dilute any residual medicine. It's not harmful to plants or fish. Stay 
away from the copper salt ich medicines (usually pale baby-blue in 
color). It seems your plants are finally jumping and I'd be a shame 
to break down the tank. The medicine should help. 

Jamie    <"\\\><