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RE:Small filter sump

I have only a 14 inch by 19 inch space under my old aquarium.  I would like 
>to put in a tricke filter.  Does anyone know if there is one this small.  
>Or how would I go about building one to fit this space?
>I used to have a cannister filter.  I now want to add a wet/dry under this 
>old tank but that is all the room I have because of the way the stand was designed.
>I thought I saw a trickle filter made out of a bucket or cylinder.  I'm not 
>sure how they did it.

I hope you have a very small tank and a low evaporation rate or can refill
it often otherwise a small sump will run dry very fast. Something to ponder
if this is your case.........
I would add a hang on for a small tank myself. Add plant filters which are
small wet dry filter basically that hang off the back of tanks with a plant
stuck in them instead of nothing but bio balls etc. The bio balls are in
there too BTW. These can do exactly what you want.
That would solve that problem but might not be the look your after. The hang
on the back idea can be made to look very nice if you wish though. 
BioWheel is another idea also. I wouldn't put a sump in there for a small
tank. The Eheim wet/filters are yet another option. Likely too much flow
though and are not cheap. The plant filter is the best and I think Dwight
has an Easy filter idea also. Very small sumps cause problems for
maintenance and upkeep.
Tom Barr