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Re: daphnia culture

LFS Cultures
Phone #662-236-4687

He has a few different types of daphnia. Daphnia magna is the larger.

(And my daphnia culture died out while I was on vacation and left my hubby 
behind doing home improvement. God knows what happened. :-O) 
Otherwise I'd send you some.)

And now I have green water in one of my tanks. :-(

He sells them $6 a culture, or 3 cultures for $15.

You could try finding some in a local pond too, but you risk carrying in some 
sort of disease, I'd think.


> Just after this new sort of growth started, we had a bit of a CO2
>  accident, and with our uncharacteristic heat wave, I'm getting my first
>  taste of what dealing with green water is like.  Where do I get
>  Daphnia?  I have searched all bodies of water in a 50 mile radius with
>  no luck.