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Re: K2SO4

Iīm very excited for having found this site. Before that, it was
difficult to find someone who resolve my doubts in the spanish speakerīs
mailing list.

I have a 75 gallon (300L) amazonic tank, in which I setted up a RFUG and
above just quartz gravel. I use a mix of quelated traza elements with Fe
5%, Mg 3%, Cu 2.5%, Mn 2.5%, B 0.5%, Mo 0.5%, Zn 0.5% and Co 0.005% and
I ocasionally  supplement with more Mg and K2SO4, but I really donīt
know the correct level of K in the water and whatīs more, I donīt know
any K test in Spain (I havenīt looked for it either) I suppose If I knew
the correct level I would find that test.

Related with that tank and the way I use the fertilizer in it, I
couldnīt keep for a long time in my tank neither amano shrimp or ghost
shrimp. And I think it could be due to the Cu level. Iīve heard that low
levels of Cu can kill invertebrates and the amount of Cu that a plant
consume is not too much, when I see that my trza element mix have 5% of
Fe and 3% of Cu, I thing to have a correct Fe level, Iīm adding a lot of
Cu that killed my shrimps. That could be so??
Now I donīt have shrimps just only because they died in my tank and I
donīt know why, the parameters of my water are more or less 0ammonia, 0
nitrites, 20-40 nitrates, Fe 1 mg/l or 4mg per gallon, kh 4-5 and gh
5-6, 108 watts in 75 gallon tank, plenty of P because of the tap water
(but no algae problems), and Ph 7. My last question is, what can I do to
keep shrimps and green plants?
maybe change my fertilizer which is really cheaper?
Alvaro Robles "poe"