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Re: Driftwood

     So my question is this: Am I just deluding myself
>thinking that the fungus will eventualy go away or do
>I have to pull the DF out of my tank? 
>Thanks much for the patiance in reading this and any
>help I can get. 
>Davis :) 
>adele_davis at yahoo_com

Having been a driftwood nut for many years longer than plant nut, I can
assure you that Autoclaving DW is overkill. 
I would soak it outside in a bucket/Trash can etc and add some bleach if you
are really concerned.
Add some dechloro, wait a couple of days and your ready to add it back. Your
making it harder on your self than you need to. Some fungus is normal from
time to time on new wood. It doesn't harm the tank/fish/plants. I just scrub
it off if I see it and do a water change to remove it if there's a lot or
something but I usually don't do more than a scrub at most.
FWIW, I've collected TONS of driftwood over the years. I've had all kinds of
woods also.
Cutting off any rot and soaking to remove tannins are the big issues for
wood. After being submersed for a week most critters etc are going to have a
hard time adjusting. Fungus is everywhere BTW. Spores are on you right now
as we write! Just add water.
Autoclaving is for sterilizing something but then you add this now sterile
item to a non-sterile environment, your tank.
As a precaution I used to add bleach and then decholo the water after but I
started by-passing this altogether a few years ago. I've never had an issue
since or before.
Tom Barr