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Hello Plant lovers:
     About the lighting in tanks: a discussion fired up by Thomas Barr.  I
have been looking for a light meter that measures in Lux or Lumens or any
measure that lends itself to being plugged into math formulas so I can 
extrapolate, analyse and play with my set-up as I am learning and
experimenting.  Has anyone found useful and inexpensive meters that will
lend themselves to measuring light levels at various depths in the tank.  I
can tell that the watts per gallon rule is much to rough based on the fact
that the same level of wattage in one tank may look dim in one tank set-up,
and another set-up will look very bright. Some lights will illumine in the
yellow ranges and others will illumine in bluer ranges.  So I want equipment
that will let me measure not only intensity but chroma (I hope that is the
right term) as well.  This may require two different meters, I know.  Any
help will be appreciated. I am always serching the net and have come close. 
The meters average around $300.00.  I would like to find something cheaper. 
I think I should be able to use a light meter for cameras (about $35.00).  I
have one, but do not have any info on how to set the ASA rating and then
convert the numbers I get into useful info that would tell me my actual
light intensity.  I could stick the camera light meter in a baggie and
submerge it to get my readings.  I can't find formulas that would let me
extract the data I need from such readings.  My college physics book is
useless and I have spoken to one underwater camera company who believes this
can be done.  There has to be a better way to measure our light intensity in
our tanks other than the crude wattage rule.

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