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Re: Iodised salt

> From: "Neil Travis" <travisn at gravity_net.au>
> Subject: Iodised salt.
> Iodine is not added to table salt because people need it but purely to make
> it flow better as normal cooking salt which has is not iodised tends to mix
> freely with water and as such would clog up the salt shaker etc. and goes
> hard with moisture from the air as salt is hydroscopic.

	I think I'd better clear this one up a bit....

	Iodine (as iodide) _is_ added to salt because people need it - 
particularly if they live far from the sea and never get any fish.  There
were lots of problems with this in some areas.  Sodium chloride itself
is not hygroscopic, but one of the common impurities is.  Yet another
item is added to the salt to stop the clogging problems.  

Paul Sears        Ottawa, Canada