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RE: Subject: Eheim CO2 Kit problem

  >Date: Mon, 24 Jul 2000 02:50:21 PDT
  >From: "Raymond Wong" <myapisto at hotmail_com>
  >Subject: Eheim CO2 Kit problem
  >Here's a problem from my friend who's not on this list:
  >He's got the Eheim CO2 set-up.. bottle (i think a 7 lbs) with a small
  >regulator with the high pressure difusser (spelling error?!)
  >anyways.. it
  >cost him 2x as much to fill my 20 lbs bottle but the main
  >problem is that
  >the thread is wrong... and they can't fill that bottle..(at least not
  >properly..) without some type of adapter to change to the 'north

OK Raymond, so your friend has a German cylinder with a German cylinder
valve on top which you try to fill in the US?  Order a US cylinder valve
that would fit your existing bottle.  But keep your existing German cylinder
valve cos' as you said, HK gas suppliers use the German spec. equipment.  We
have an adaptor which can make a German spec regulator compatible with US
cylinder valve.  If that is something that you think the gas supplier can
use on his filling nozzle, let me know.

  >unfortuantly he would not like to rent a 20lbs bottle and buy a
  >because he is returning to HK by the end of the year and there
  >are stores
  >there that would refill the tank without a problem (european thread i
  >believe.. or i may be wrong)

Yes, HK stores can fill German cylinders just like that.

  >is there some type of adapter he could put on this bottle so he
  >could get it
  >filled around here.. (that's what the guy said .. he'll only
  >fill it if he
  >finds a proper adapter for the bottle)