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Re: A setup question (long)

Paul writes (in no specific order):

is very weak so importing is out of the question."

"I know I should strive for more but fish
in this country are expensive as everything is

"I have a spare 10 gallon I would like to use."

"I will have 
watts per gallon of light."

"My question is twofold. I need advice on a decent

    If I can make the suggestion, this may be the
perfect time to do a little experimenting. Your spare
tank is small enough that the cost would/should not be
to high. First I would do some digging into what home
grown indusries your country has in the way of
lighting manufacturing, building materials (gravels,
dirt, fillers), gardening supplies (soils and plant
stuff) Local rivers and creeks (natural supply of
fauna, and substrate. Check local regulations
regarding this) This could help in the cost dept.
     Also use the search  on this list with different
keywords as to substates and lighting, I know these
subjects have been discused quite vigorously ie: cat
litter, potting soils, sand, shop lights etc. also
Edward Vann's posting just above.

"The other question naturally would be what plants do
well in the lower 
conditions. Unfortunately plants are pretty scarce
here also so a list 
names, normal and Latin would be useful." 

     As to this if you have local rivers and creeks I
am sure you can find quite a few plants that would do
well in your tank. Also there is www.tropica.com as
reference it has a wealth of info on plants with
pictures and the parameters that go along with them.

I hope this helps some even though I didn't give you
any specific answers
Davis :)
adele_davis at yahoo_com

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