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Re: Submissions not getting through

Pat, I too was having similar problems about a week ago, posting any way.
The problem seems to have corrected itself.  However, now that my messages
are getting through, the challenge is getting folks to reply!  (nudge, nudge
... hint, hint  ...  say no more ...

p.s. anyone have advice on rearing flagfish fry?

> My replies have been as a "new" e-mail submission originating directly
from the
> APD website.  In other words; I go to the APD website, click on the "to
send a
> message..." link, cut and paste the submission I am replying to, type my
reply and
> send it.  When it does'nt show up on the list, I resend it to no avail.
This has
> happened three times so it does'nt every time, but it is a curious thing.
> This reply is a reply to the list whereby I deleted all the other
> except the one I wanted to respond to, typed my reply, and sent it.  If we
are all
> reading this, then it worked!
> Thanks for you help.
> Pat O'Sullivan.