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Eclipse tanks

Over two years ago I set up a 55 gallon fresh water, planted aquarium with
external canister filtration. At the same time, I set up an Eclipse 3 (25
gallon, then changed to 37 gal) as a planted aquarium. The Eclipse tank was
more stable and easier to establish and to maintain than the large 55 gallon
tank. In contrast to the author below, I still have the original biowheel
installed and still use the carbon filter packs. The only change I made was
to remove the Eclipse light bulb and replace it with a Triton full-spectrum
light bulb. If I am correct, the Eclipse 6 is quite small. Obviously, in
general, one will have greater and more rapid fluctuations in water
chemistry with smaller volumes of water. Hence, an Eclipse 6 aquarium may be
more difficult to get established.

Date: Fri, 21 Jul 2000 19:39:16 -0400
From: Susi Barber <wanderer35 at operamail_com>
Subject: Eclipse 6 tank planted

To:  Kelly Beard, re Eclipse 6

>I have an Eclipse 6 at my desk at work. It's pitiful. No plants, two lemon
>tetras and a single cory that hides all of the time behind a rock. I've
>thought about converting it into a planted tank.

I have a System 3 and a System 6, which I converted a bit over a month ago
a potting soil (rich organic mix) covered by fine gravel substrate,
Diana Walstad's book "Ecology of the Planted Aquarium".  It is working well
I had huge green water problems before, and my plants kept dying, now I have

clear water, also healthy plant growth.  What I did was ditch the carbon 
filter and replace it with filter wool, which I change frequently, so the 
bacteria grow in the tank rather than in the filter.  I have also recently 
taken out the biowheel, which did cause a nitrite and nitrate spike for a
days, also a bit of ammonia, but the plants are doing better, so using it at

the beginning is optional, as you will be doing lots of water changes for a 
while.  The key is to have fast growing plants - I just got some Pennywort, 
which although a bit big, grows fast, also Hygrophila and Indian Fern.

The tank had brown water (from the peat in the potting soil) for the first 
three weeks, but no algae until a week ago, and it has now cleared up too
the biowheel out and the Pennywort.  I found that there were big variations
pH the first week in particular, but keep checking and changing the water 
daily for a while, then every two days, etc, it lengthens out, unless like
you add fish and take out the biowheel at the same time!

Also look at www.users.uswest.net/~laren, Larry Miracle's site - its an 
inspiration!  Larry has been very helpful to me off list, thanks Larry!

With this approach, there is no need for CO2, the light you have is fine,
aim is incredibly low maintenance for a little more work to begin with, and
can't recommend it highly enough!

Susi Barber.

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