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Lotus Plantings

Kent:  Hope this helps, I am new to the list, my main focus this year
has been raising Lotus from seed for my backyard pond.  I have answered
several post on other forums about the sudden decline of Lotus grown in

The main problem is the water temperature during this seasonal drought.
When the temperature of the water reaches approximately 90 degrees in
that amount of surface area the oxygen decreases and the Lotus begins to
respire at a rapid rate, and actually dehydrate.  Take a look at the
inside of a Lotus stem and you will see five air/water channels running
up the stem  toward the leaf.  I have seen Lotus leaves bubble out of
the stems if it becomes damaged.  

Your leaves are probably curling with brown crispy edges and a sick
yellow tint.  The solution???  I put in a inexpensive aquarium air pump
and air stone to circulate the water from the cooler bottom layer to the
hot top of the barrel, and provide the additional oxygen that has been
depleted. You can use a three way valve and do three barrels with the
addition of some extra tubing.  Sound like too simple of a cure... it
is, and your Lotus will love you for it.  

Clean up your plants, removing most of the damaged leaves. Do a 25%
water change, being sure after you remove the water that the tuber is
intact, and not damaged from the heat
You will know by the smell if you can't see or feel it.  Give it time to
recover before you feed it 
That should put you on the road to recovery.  If you need more help,
just email me.  I have over 100 Baby Lotus growing now, so I am very
conscious of the day to day changes in my plants, this has been a
challenging summer.