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Re: Submissions not getting through

> Couple of possibilities, but the list Mom can probably do better.
> The "From:" and "Reply To:" of the digest are two different addresses. Be
> sure to check youe e-mail settings. The "To:" on your reply should be
> addressed to:
> Aquatic-Plants at actwin_com
> and not to Aquatic-Plants-Owner@...

My replies have been as a "new" e-mail submission originating directly from the
APD website.  In other words; I go to the APD website, click on the "to send a
message..." link, cut and paste the submission I am replying to, type my reply and
send it.  When it does'nt show up on the list, I resend it to no avail.  This has
happened three times so it does'nt every time, but it is a curious thing.
This reply is a reply to the list whereby I deleted all the other submissions
except the one I wanted to respond to, typed my reply, and sent it.  If we are all
reading this, then it worked!
Thanks for you help.
Pat O'Sullivan.