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Re: HBO Posting

I sincerely apologize to everyone regarding this inadvertent posting.  Several
months ago, I realized that somehow I had included the Aquatic Plant newsgroup
to my orchid email address list.  While I deleted it at that time, my computer
recently was trashed by a virus even with supposed protection with a current
anti-virus program and taking the usual prudent precautions when reading email
messages.  When I restored the hard disk to an earlier time period, it was when
the newsgroup was still in my orchid email address list.  Unfortunately, my
latest email to that orchid list also was sent again to the Aquatic Plant
newsgroup.  It will not happen again.

Hopefully, most of you can appreciate how long it takes to get a computer back
to "normal" after a virus attack.  Again, I am truly sorry for any inconvenience
and annoyance this has caused...it was not intentional.

Bob Hoffman

Greenman wrote:

> Hey Bob,
> Please remove the Aquatic Plants Digest <Aquatic-Plants-Owner at actwin_com>
> from your mail list. As an aquatic plants list, orchids (however pretty) are
> not really appropriate for that list, especially when it specifically asks
> that you do not post commercial postings to the list. Thanks!
> Brett Johnson
> Green Man Gardens
> bnbjohns at home_com