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Filtration Question


My 66 gallon planted tank, with high lighting/co2 etc etc. everything is in 
check except for some green spot algae on the glass.. other than that no 
problems in the tank except for weekly plant trimings...

The filtration I have on this tank is a eheim 2213 and an fluval 204... this 
tank has been running for over 2 years.. and I added the fluval 204 last 
year (boxing day sale) I would like to remove this filter and place it in 
another tank but is there any concerns about doing this or just unplug it 
and simply move it?
YES this may sound like a simple question but I'd like to know if/how it 
would affect my current tank's set-up.. (biological filtration.. etc etc..)

please reply to me offline...

Raymond Wong
please visit my aquarium page
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