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Re: filter sool and carbon

Gitte writes:

> This begs a question:  How does filter wool (as opposed to carbon), cause
>  bacteria growth in the tank instead of the filter?  I thought filter wool
>  would be a better biological filter than carbon.
>  Thanks.
>  Gitte
>  <<<<<<What I did was ditch the carbon
>  filter and replace it with filter wool, which I change frequently, so the
>  bacteria grow in the tank rather than in the filter.>>>>>>

By changing the filter floss often, the colony of bacteria in the filter is 
removed.  That makes the majority of the bio-filter load to develop in the 
tank.  The floss becomes a mechanical filter only.  I only hope he's buying 
the cheap angel hair at JoAnn fabrics intead of the exact same stuff from the 
LFS at three or four times the price per pound.

Bob Dixon
Cichlid Trader List Administrator