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HBO Orchid Price Update

Dear Orchid Growers:
For you Epidendrum connoisseurs, I have added three new outstanding
clones of Epi. Helen Yamada to our Epi. page:


I have also begun to add pictures of examples of the plants we have in
our inventory.  These can be viewed at:


Some of these will be available as divisions when that price list is
completed in a few weeks.  As always, if you do not wish to remain on
this mailing list, please respond to this message with remove as part of
the subject line.
Bob Hoffman
Huntington Beach Orchids
(Cattleyas, reedstem Epi's, Laelia anceps and hybrids)
(714) 964-4263 (voice and fax)
e-mail:  info at hborchids_com