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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V4 #424

> From: "Dustin Swanson" <dustins at greatlakeseng_com>
> Subject: 36" Lighting
> I'm following this thread closely because I also have a 36" tank, with no
> lights yet.  Just my 10 gallon has plants (mainly a thriving crypt, and
> rotala that gets trimmed quite often).  Anyway I was wondering if I could go
> and buy one of those 4' shop lights and hack 12" out of the middle and
> attach it back together.  Any reason this may not work, I do notice in a
> mail order catalog that they do have some T-12 36" lights, mainly t-8's but
> a few T-12's.  Would there be a ballast issue here, or you think it may
> work.

It ought to work just fine.  Open up one of the fixtures before you
buy it and look at the label on the ballast.  It should list all the
the lamps that it is designed to light.  If you can't even find a
ballast (some of the *really* cheap "shoplites"), don't buy it cuz it
will likely burn out your expensive lamps prematurely.  

You might save yourself some work by looking at the 36" strip lights.

Regards, Bob

"If we don't succeed, we run the risk of failure."
 -- Dan Quayle