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Re: Red web pattern

    I wrote: (snip)
    <<I have two e. cordifolia which have begun to show an intricate pattern 
of fine red lines (like pin scratches) on new leaves which seem to diminish 
somewhat as the leaves age.  The lines trace the inner structure of the 
leaves, are  1/16th" apart, and more or less cover the leaves uniformly, like 
a fine spider web.  I've seen when swords put out red or brownish leaves, and 
these cordif.s even did that a while back, but this looks very different.>>

    Lynn wrote: (snip)
-   I have the same situation with my E. cordiflorus. Since the plant is      
   -growing like gangbusters I am not too worried. When this started I added 
a -piece of jobes stick underneath it. The new leaves still begin a little 
red    -but then turn to green much quicker than before. I believe that red 
in           -plants that aren't normally red may be a sign of nitrogen 

    Thanks for the help Lynn -

    I couldn't access the article you referenced, but the table in the 
archives, and on The Krib lists N, P, and K as deficiencies whose symptoms 
first appear in older leaves.  It does say that N defic. may cause 
anthocyanin, but I was assuming that it would occur in older leaves first.  
Does anyone know if this is true?  I maintain nitrates at apprx. 5ppm.
    It says that sulfur defic. is like N defic., but that it affects new 
leaves first.  So that's why I was asking about sulfur- it looked like the 
only candidate for anthocyanin in new leaves.  I've never seen any posting 
reporting a sulfur defic. though.  Has anyone ever seen a sulfur deficiency 
in a plant tank?
    I had a bad calcium defic.,which showed severely on new leaves, but the 
leaves didn't have the red lines until recently, when the ca. defic. was 
already virtually corrected with marble chips in filter.  But these leaves 
with the red lines do still have a little puckering.
    Interesting that Jobe's helped.  I looked at a Jobe's label, and couldn't 
find any sign of forms of sulfur, don't know if there is any in there. 
    I'm trying to overcome a bad cba problem, so I'm trying to track down any 
possible problem in the tank.
    Zach K