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RE: tennelus & MH life

>So, in trying to figure out why my tenellus is slowing down, I realized that
>I've had my current bulb (6500k iwasaki) running for about a year.  I looked
>through the archives and the manufacturer's home page, but to no avail.
>Anyone have experience or hard data about the service life of these bulbs?
>I'm using a 250 watt bulb in the champion lighting default ballast/pendant
>Thanks in advance.

This is not why your tennellus is slowing down.
I've push them much farther................3 years + You get less light and
more red typically but this will not hurt the growth as much as many would
think. 18-24 months is a good time to change them generally. I go a little
longer myself<g>. With corals I would do the 18 month to 2 yr at the max
though. CP FL's last till they die pretty much. I have a number of years on
my CP's.

>Oh yes, question number two, Amano seems to use a variety of E. Tenellus
>that is much finer and reddish than the stuff I can get, is this a specific
>Variety of tenellus?  Anyone know the name/have some to sell/know where I
>can get some?

Some Folks have called this Micro tennellus. A few folks have it on this
list. I don't know of store though that would sell it. It's nice and all. I
like the bright green color of the reg tennellus myself.
It seems to grow the same if not a little slower.

PAM 1 has a good article on the types of chain swords. 
Tom Barr