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Circulation and Other Questions

Howdy All,

A  question about circulation. In my 55 gal, 48" long, I have a Penguin
1140 (sorry, don't have gph on it) as a circulation pump. It's a lot of
circulation!! My question is: Can too much circulation be a bad thing in
a planted tank?

My newly planted (1-2 months) tank seems to be growing slowly. My cool
test kit has not arrived yet, so I can't give all the particulars, but
here is what I can provide of the tank parameters:

55 gal
182 watts PCF lights
co2 injection with pH controller
fluval 203 and a ehiem 2213 filters, no special media (no carbon, etc.)
25 watt uv sterilizer
pH 6.8-7.0
kh 6
gh 4
medium gravel substrate with some kitty liter I mixed in afterwards
osmocote under plants
flourish added every few days
medium fish load, most just re-introduced a few days ago

The massive algae bloom seems to be calming down, and so is the green
water. I tried using 110 watts of the light instead of all 182, and it
didn't seems to slow the alga any, maybe helped the green water. I have
been trying to control the hair algae by cleaning- this helps. My basic
philosophy has been one of "wait and see"... I killed many fish in the
beginning of my pursuit of aquaria while trying to "fix" things...

Anyway, any comments on the above setup?


Jonathan Peakall