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Salt in Planted Tank

Here's an interesting claim from my bottle of Aquarium Salt (I don't use table
salt as I hear it has added chemicals that aren't good for the aquarium).
" Its obtained by evaporating sea water and contains many electolytes not found
in normal table salt. Aquarium salt adds natural electrolytes such as sodium,
calcium, magnesium and chloride. These electrolytes are essential for fish to
maintain healthy gill function and osmoregulation. During periods of disease and
stress healthy gill function can be disturbed leading to loss of electrolytes."

I have had success with using salt in the treatment of ich and fungus. But I had
a dreadful time in its use with plants when I was keeping bumble gee gobies.
These guys like high salt. Never did I have a disease problem in the tank but
the plants sure as hell didn't like it. I was adding 2-3 teaspoons per 10 litre
bucket (not sure what the US equivalent is in gallons). Please note, I don't
keep bumble bee gobies anymore, my interest now is in plants (very little salt
used in my tanks).

I'd be interested to hear what other list members have to say. Can the plants
actually benefit from these electrolytes (in moderation) or am I barking up the
wrong tree?

Kind regards,
Sydney, Australia

Date: Wed, 19 Jul 2000 08:47:02 -0700 (PDT)
From: David Luckie <davidluckie at yahoo_com>
Subject: Salt in planted tank

I was horrified [snip]

I have used salt in fish tanks on several occasions to
cure ich and other maladies.  I have also used salt
"prophylactically" in my pond during spring to control
outbreaks of goldfish/koi diseases.  By all 'expert'
accounts I have read, a 1 to 2 ppt concentration is
not particularly harmful to aquatic plants, but that
maintaining this concentration is almost certain death
for all but a few invertebrate parasites and
pathogenic bacteria.

Through trial and error, I've found that 2 ppt or
higher does damage many aquatic plants.  Hardy lilies
and other sturdy stem plants are not significantly
affected, but most submerged plants are.
Concentrations of 3 ppt will affect even those.  On
the lower end of the scale, a concentration of 1 ppt
does little to control the critters, but that 1.25 to
1.50 does the job.

I would like some listmember accounts regarding the
efficacy of using salt to control potential parasites,
and any accounts of the salt's effects on aquatic vegetation.