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No Subject

OK, it seems I wasn't able to post to this list for some time, but since my
previous query went through, here comes a barrage of stored up questions,
based primarily on a new plant shipment:

- I just started working with wisteria.  The old leaves are sharply defined,
but the new growth is broad and rounded.  Otherwise looks great and it's
growing like gangbusters.  I would think broader leaves means it's looking
for more light, but not under 5.6 watts per gallon!  I'm using UV emitting
incandescent bulbs, like mini halides with self-contained ballast
(http://www.uvheat.com/).  Lotsa heat, but great light and the plants are
screaming O2.

- Either my Glossostigma was contaminated with Micranthemoides umbrosum or
vice versa, but I wound up with all of one and none of the other.  It too is
thriving and beautiful, but how can I tell which it is?  Fragments are
taking hold on bark, on the substrate, as floaters, everywhere!

- Are there different types of Elodea/Egeria/Anacharis?  Mine has pointed,
serrated leaves, not the smooth, ovals I'm used to seeing.

- I got some willow moss, which I had assumed would be Fontinalis, but when
it arrived it was labeled Leptodictyum riparium.  I have never worked with
either before, so can anyone offer advice on distinguishing and cultivating
the 2? The stuff I have looks and feels like 'wiry' Java moss.

- Kudos to SeaChem for replacing my defective iron test reagents for free
and for following up to ensure I received the replacement!

Thanks for your thoughts, Kevin