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Re: 36 inch lighting

<<Can someone first tell me if my double strip light by All Glass Aquarium is
most likely T12 or T8?>>

I believe that the AGA double strip light uses an electronic ballast. Look 
inside the grating on top of the light strip and look for the ballast. The 
ballast has the tubes that it will burn written on it. Looking at my own 36" 
ballast it supports F30T8, F30T12, FC12T9, F40T12, FC16T9. So yes it supports 
T12, T8 as well as T9.

<<And does anyone use an SPX50 or equivalent, or chroma 50 or 75 or
equivalent, in 36 inches?  (is it T12 or T8)?>>

I do. In combination w/ a Triton. Love the color combination.