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Re: 36 inch lighting

John writes:

>I have a 36 inch double light fixture, and I'm finding out that some of the
>popular success bulbs that have been mentioned lately are not available in
>36 inch lengths, or if they are some only come in T12 or T8.

>Can someone first tell me if my double strip light by All Glass Aquarium is
>most likely T12 or T8?<snip>>

It is set up for two 30-watt bulbs.  The difference is the diameter.  The T-8 
is one inch across.  The T-12 is an inch and a half.  Almost all 30-watt, 36 
inch flourescent tubes are now T-8.  This is okay, because the output per 
watt is significantly higher with the narrower bulbs.  I'm using Tritons in 
mine.  My local Home Depot carries a limited selection of cool whites and 
plant bulbs in 36", 30 watt.  All of them are T-8.

Speaking of which, that confuses me.  When folks started talking t-8, the 
idea was that you could get more light with the same power consumption.  Now 
that 48" t-8s are everywhere, they are reduced to 32 watts.  They do put out 
a little more light than a standard T-12, but I have been told I have to 
re-ballast my fixtures to run them.  What kind of deal is that?  Why can't we 
get 40-watt T-8s and get even more lumens per bulb?  The Philips Advantage50 
used to be a T-10, and was brighter than a Chroma50, but their marketing 
research showed that the T-10 designation confused the customers, so they 
switched to T-12, and now the output is about the same as the GE.  What is 
the point?

Bob Dixon
Cichlid Trader List Administrator