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Re: CO2 concentration of human breath & Esclipse 6

Kelly Beard posted:

> I have an Eclipse 6 at my desk at work.  It's pitiful.  No plants, two
> tetras and a single cory that hides all of the time behind a rock.  I've
> thought about converting it into a planted tank.  Here's some random
> thoughts.  Comment on whatever you feel like.
> 1.  I don't know if that little bulb is going to be suitable.  Low light
> plants, I guess.
> 2.  The built-in filter system will have to go since it causes too much
> surface turbulence.  One of those little Shark filters might do the job -
> no filter at all.
> 3.  CO2.  A small system like that can get by with a bell system to
> CO2.  I've never messed with a yeast system and don't want to.  Is the CO2
> in human respiration sufficient to provide plants with what they need?
> thinking that a simple bell with a tube that I would breath into to fill
> bell.  "It's crazy enough that it just might WORK!".

That might be a little bulb, but it's also a little tank.  My husband has
grown, and propagated, soft corals in an Eclipse 6.

Right now, I've had the same tank (different bulb) set up for several months
with a small rubin sword (I'll have to take it out soon, it's growing fast),
ludwigia repens, that hair-grass that kind of grows in a corkscrew (don't
know what it's called), dwarf sag, and two other swords that I can't
remember the name of (the kind that is kind of ruffled and squat?  I think
it starts with a P?).  Anyway, the last two in particular are much healthier
than I've been able to keep them in a larger tank, where I don't think
enough light penetrated underneath the other plants and to the bottom of the
tank.  Everything looks bright green (or pink) and healthy.  I haven't
fiddled with CO2.  Who wants to trim such a small tank that regularly,
anyway?  No problem with the turbulence, either.  The ludwigia is underneath
the filter, and it just leans forward slightly.

Alysoun McLaughlin
Wheaton, MD