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Re: Melting glosso (also crypt melt)

Mark posted:

> Jamie,
> Have you considered the possibility that the bulbs you use have reached
> their "termination" point, meaning that they are not as effective as
> they once were?  The fact that your plants, when they seemed to attempt
> new growth, were "reaching" would seem to indicate that they wanted more
> light.  "Melting" in plants is also a leading indicator that the level
> of light is insufficient.  Keeping fresh bulbs, replaced well before you
> can detect a level loss, seems key to successful plant keeping.  Since I
> use cheaper hardware store type full spectrum bulbs, I change them at
> the first sign that the plants are growing less than optimally.

Melting is not just a sign of insufficient light.  I never understood all
this talk about "crypt melt" until I changed bulbs that were more than six
months old.  The *increased* light turned the bottom half of two stands of
crypts to mush.

Alysoun McLaughlin
Wheaton, MD