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Re: 36" Lighting

I don't know in what area you live, John; but you can get most any
fluorescent tube from "That Fish Place" and "The Aquarium Center" --
both of which have web pages and ship mail order.  

I know that Triton has a 36" tube (T8) and I'm partial to Triton even
though I have no connection with the company.  Triton was developed for
aquatic plants (and corals); it really gives great color to the aquarium
fish and plants; and, in the long run, it is not too expensive as you
don't have to change it until it shuts off.  Mine have lasted for 2
years and longer.  It never looses more than 10% of it's brilliance and
I haven't found a plant that doesn't do well under Triton.

So, this is just another thought when looking for a fluorescent tube.

Merrill Cohen
Baltimore, MD