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36 inch lighting

I have a 36 inch double light fixture, and I'm finding out that some of the
popular success bulbs that have been mentioned lately are not available in
36 inch lengths, or if they are some only come in T12 or T8.

Can someone first tell me if my double strip light by All Glass Aquarium is
most likely T12 or T8?
And does anyone use an SPX50 or equivalent, or chroma 50 or 75 or
equivalent, in 36 inches?  (is it T12 or T8)?  What kind of price did you

Finally, I have a deep tank (24 inches) and I suspect that the light
intensity is minimal at that depth, even with clean glass tops, new
ballasts, etc.  So when I look at lumens and I see some bulbs at 2300
lumens and some are 1300 lumens (spx50 versus chroma50), is it obvious to
you as well that I should go with the 2300 lumens, seeing that the other
specs are similar (CRI, kelvin, etc)?

Thank you so much and have a pleasant day!
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