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Re: Melting glosso

Krishna asked:
>  I can maintain one inch thick glossostigma carpet for almost three
> months.Initially they spread like weed and later the show the signs of
> stunted growth.Now i can observe that this plant stopped growing
> completely even though the same same tank parameters are maintained.pHis
> 6.6, General Hardness 5dGH, Carbonate hardness 3KH.In my other tanks
> also the same pattern of growth is exhibited by this plant.

I've had the same problems with glosso. In a new tank it grew like 
gangbusters until about month 3 or 4, then it stopped. I've trimmed 
it, thinned it, heck, everything I could think of, and the stuff just 
stopped. Everything else was growing great. Eventually it started 
back trying to fill in some gaps I had made, but it seemed to want 
to grow straight up then, if at all. Needless to say, it's all gone now, 
but there for a while I had a beautiful green carpet. I thought it's 
dying-off was my fault, but seems Krishna has the same situation. 
Good luck...

Jamie    <"\\\><