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Re: C. demersum

On Tue, 18 Jul, 2000 Susi Barber wrote:

> I have Ceratophyllum submersum (Tropical Hornwort), which has no roots, and is
> a floating plant.  "Demersum" I think means it should be grown emersed, ie in
> the air, not underwater - experts please advise.

C. demersum is an obligate submersed plant.  It has no roots but can
anchor itself to the bottom with modified leaves.  It's often found
floating.  The specimens I have floated by me while I waded in the Rio

> Anyway, they need a lot of light - losing leaves suggests to me not enough
> light.  It should also be floating at the top of the tank if it is
> "submersum", rather than anchored to the bottom of the tank with a stone.

C. demersum (like most plants) grows best in bright light, but it can
adapt to live in rather dim light.

As to Klaus' original problem with the plant dropping leaves, I think this
could be from an earlier stress, from a change in conditions, or from fish
picking at the plant.  None of my fish will regularly chew up C. demersum
but a couple weeks ago my American-Flag fish took a sudden liking to it
and stripped a stem bare.  Now they've changed their minds about it and
it's recovering.

Roger Miller