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Re: Turface MVP = Profile Clay Soil Conditioner

Dave wrote:

|Turface MVP = Profile Clay Soil Conditioner
| This great news comes to us from my contact at Aimcor.   It is great news
| because Profile Clay Soil Conditioner is supposed to be available at EVERY
| WalMart.   Unlike other Profile products which are only available in
| certain stores.   So let us know if you find it and let us know if you
| it.  It comes out very well in  the new substrate article in PAM #2
| (Summer), due in your mailbox in about 25 days.

I ask:

What is Turface MVP? I've been using the Profile Aquatic Soil in my
watergarden (pretty expensive at $6 for 10lbs) and now I found the Profile
Clay Soil Conditioner (exactly the same thing) at Walmart for $4.66 per
10lbs and heard they have a 40lb bag for $7 but haven't found one yet.
Compared to the aquatic soil, that's 4 times as much for only $1 more. Great
deal! Thanks to someone on another forum for alerting me to it.

I'd also like to know how I can get a copy of the substrate article from
PAM#2. I read some time ago here that the article was pending and am
especially interested in reading it since I've already been using the
profile soil for a while now.

Also, James wrote:

| Just to add to Dave G.'s comments regarding Profile Clay Soil
| Conditioner....
| Available in Canada from most Canadian Tire locations.

I ask:

Just curious, but why would soil conditioner be available at a Tire


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