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Re: SAE's vs. FFF vs. Bushynose

>From: "Robert H" <robertpaulh at earthlink_net>

> On the other hand I had a
>bristlenose pleco in a heavily planted 20 gallon tank, (which is not
>supposed to eat plants according to some people on this list), that
>literally mowed down every stem plant in the tank at the base within two
>hours, (just bit through the stems!), and he never did touch the green algae
>on the glass... go figure!

Erik "Nice Pics" Leung  posted this interesting tit-bit about bristlenose
catfish that highlights their advantages.  Its from a submission called The
Bristlenose "Plecos" by Richard F. Stratton
http://www.e-aquaria.com/bristlenose.html He reinforces my view that these
guys will often obliterate algae from an aquarium w/in two days.
Personally, I use bushynose against that pasty-nasty-DARK-green-smothering
algae that grows fast and smothers plants.  Nothing else I know will eat
this stuff!

What I find eye openning, is the experiences of other aquarists who note
that SAE's will nibble on and EAT some of our more delicate plants!
Leaving delicate plants alone was their ONE trait that I thought they had
over other AE's.  I have previously discussed the fact that I think SAE's
are a second-rate, over-hyped, overpriced (for the limited work they do)
Algae eater that is useless in a SERIOUS fight against ANY pernicious
algae; especially hair algae.  Florida Flag Fish FFF  (Jordanella floridae)
beat them in their effectiveness against hair, bush algaes and lesser
duckweed, Otos beat them against cyanobacteria and of course Bushynose beat
EVERYBODY against that green pasty algae.

Value-for-value a pair of Female FFF and a pair of Otos (all four in most
places under $6.00 tax included) are your best weapons in an algae fight.
Its about time these little indigenous American gems FFF, get their just due.

~FFFF: Florida Flag Fish Forever!

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