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Re: Rotala & SAEs

>>Every SAE that I have had does this. I have has larger older ones, young
ones, golden colored ones, silver colored etc from different shipment etc.
Maybe one or two might not do this but most certainly do.

 Fish behavior can
have exceptions here and there and so can plants.

Well, I guess I can attest to that...my SAEs dont eat any of my plants, I
have a Rainbow cichlid in there,
Herotilapia multispinosa, that is supposed to be a big plant eater and
doesnt harm the plants any, (in fact he loves eating leaves that are
starting to decay and saves me the trouble of pruning them). I actually put
a scoop of hair algae from another tank in there, and the Rainbow cichlid
chows it down before the SAEs can get to it. On the other hand I had a
bristlenose pleco in a heavily planted 20 gallon tank, (which is not
supposed to eat plants according to some people on this list), that
literally mowed down every stem plant in the tank at the base within two
hours, (just bit through the stems!), and he never did touch the green algae
on the glass... go figure!

Robert Paul H
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