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Re: Blue green algae help

    I've never tried the hy. peroxide tratments, but remember reading in a 
recent thread on H2O2 (hy. perox.) that some halved the dose because there 
were otocinclus in their tank.  So that might be a caution if you try it.  
FWIW, Silver-scaled fish, if you have any, are said to be more sensitive to 
some things- my rummy noses seem much more sensitive to changes/additives 
than my other tetras.
    I have a cba problem, and am trying to correct it by improving growth 
conditions for my plants, and creating conditions that discourage cba, after 
comments from Roger Miller (this month under 'Re: Cyanobacteria, Algae, etc.' 
 Roger S. Miller (July 3)).
    Zach K