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Re: George Booth's Evaporation Situation

Actually, George, it's not difficult with 2 in one room and one in the
other if you have a basement.  I drilled a small hole behind my aquarium
about 3/4" or less for the hoses to go through -- hooked up a 4 station
manifold in the basement (available from the company); closed off one of
the manifolds with a plug; attached the manifold to one faucet (or
tapped into the copper pipe with a ice cube attachment); hooked up a
garden watering timer and voila -- automatic changing or filling
aquariums for as long or as short as you wish.  Eight station manifolds
are available for larger hook-ups.

Or, you can turn it on while you're shaving and off when you finish. 
Have fun!  Hope to see you in Chatanooga.