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Tepoot's Aquarium Plants, The Practical Guide

I recently got a copy of Tepoot's beautiful book.  I noticed that for all of 
the aquatic plants presented all of his suggested ratings for pH are normal: 
7.0 (green icon) and all of his suggested temperatures are Medium: 73-72 F 
(yellow icon).  I have four questions: 1. If all of the plants in his book 
require the same parameters why rate them individually?  2. Can the wide 
range of plants and biotropes covered all have the same parameters in 
aquarium tanks?  3. Since the ratings are made in color, can the rating 
consistency be a printing error?  4. Can the uniform suggested temperature be 
because he is an advocate of submerged heating?  Any ideas?

Otherwise it is a beautiful book, with other interesting and useful